About Us



Southeast Auction Company started out in 1990 in the small town of Moundville, Alabama.  Since the inception, Southeast Auction Company has grown to be one of the premier auction companies specializing in mobile home liquidations across 15 states.  Business liquidations are also another one of the specialties they have been offering lenders for the past 30 years, along with having one of the largest monthly auctions held in Alabama.  Southeast Auction Company has been conducting professional auctions for over 35 years. It is comprised of highly trained and skilled individuals with years of experience in Auctioneering, Sales, Marketing, Real Estate and Appraising. Owner, Michael Langford, has visions of taking his auction company to the internet and allowing anyone out there ready to buy, a chance to take advantage of this golden oppurtunity.  With this new format, no matter where you are from, you are able to bid on items ranging from ATVs, cars, trucks, mobile homes, and even real estate.